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Ethics & Compliance

At WDC we are committed to ethical and responsible behavior in everything we do.  Our employees are committed to our values regarding safety, quality, integrity, and transparency. Our industry is amongst the most highly regulated of any sector, and we always strive to comply with and often exceed the requirements of applicable laws and regulations. Every year, the employees at WDC renew their commitment to our Code of Business Ethics and Conduct by reviewing it and signing it.  Moreover, WDC provides company-wide training regarding doing businesses with the highest integrity level

Speak Up Culture - Ethical Line

WDC is committed to maintaining a “Speak Up” culture by promoting an open and transparent dialogue between employees.  Our employees are encouraged to raise concerns, express views, and denounce unacceptable behavior that goes against our ethics culture and violates our Code of Business Ethics and Conduct.  Employees can utilize a third-party toll-free hotline available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and is completely confidential. Employees are encouraged to call +1 (844) 983-1961 to report any irregularities or they can also file a confidential complaint online utilizing the following links:

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